All BPA Members Qualify for State

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All BPA Members Qualify for State

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James Lewis, Staff Writer

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Twenty-six of Cascade High School’s Business Professionals of America (BPA)  members traveled to Great Falls on Monday, January 21 to participate in BPA Regionals. The Cascade BPA competes in Region 3, and all twenty-six members that participated qualified in at least one event for the state BPA conference this March in Billings.

“Regionals were very fun and enjoyable, except for the weather, which was horrible that day,” said BPA adviser Cathy Workman

The state leadership conference will be held in Billings on March 10-12. The members of BPA compete in a variety of competitions such as Microsoft Word, and accounting, computer animation, video production, and presentation management.

“Regionals was a stressful day, but it was fun to compete in,” said junior Ryan Bogden, whose computer animation and website design teams both placed first in the competition.

“It was a great experience, and it was the first time everyone in the Chapter made it to state,” said chapter president, junior Riley Bricker.

If the BPA members make it past state, they qualify for the National Leadership Conference that will be held in Anaheim, California.

Congratulations to all BPA members, and good luck at state and beyond!

Below are all the results from Regionals:

Kendra Anderson: Advanced Interview (4th), Broadcast News Production (2nd), Entrepreneurship (4th), Presentation Management (3rd)

Daniel Benefit: C++ Programming (2nd), Computer Security (5th), Information Technology Concepts (5th), PC Servicing and Troubleshooting (1st)

Ryan Bogden: Computer Animation Team (1st), Parliamentary Procedure Team (4th), Website Design Team (1st)

Riley Bricker: Entrepreneurship (1st), Parliamentary Procedure Team (4th), Prepared Speech (7th), Website Design Team (1st)

Emilie Crago: Small Business Management Team (4th)

Allyson Ethridge: Basic Office Systems and Procedures (6th), Digital Marketing Concepts (3rd), Fundamental Word Processing (3rd) 8th– Graphic Design Promotion

Seth Guiterrez: Banking and Finance (6th), C++ Programming (3rd), Computer Modeling (2nd),  Computer Programming Concepts (6th), Computer Security (3rd), Information Technology Concepts (8th), Personal Financial Management (6th)

Preston Hagan: Presentation Management Team (3rd)

Wesley Hagan: Presentation Management Team (3rd)

Max Hardt: Basic Office Systems and Procedure (10th), Presentation Management Team (7th)

Shelbie Jackson: Computer Animation Team (1st), Website Design Team (1st)

Bailee Jones: Administrative Support Team (5th), Advanced Office Systems and Procedures (7th), Presentation Management Team (7th)

Alexis Marko: Presentation Management – Individual (4th)

Georgia Mortag: Advanced Interview Skills (5th), Entrepreneurship (3rd), Global Marketing Team (1st)

Reese Mortag: Computer Animation Team (1st), Video Production (2nd)

Rikki Nefzger: Banking and Finance (15th), Economic Research Individual (5th), Presentation Management Team (6th)

Gracie Orem: Banking and Finance (5th), Presentation Management Team (6th)

Tahlea Sanford: Administrative Support Team (5th), Small Business Management Team (4th)

Cassidy Sewak: Basic Office Systems and Procedures (5th), Presentation Management Team (6th)

Kaden Shelton: Computer Animation Team (1st), Fundamental Accounting (6th), Video Production (2nd)

Justin Smith: Interview Skills (7th), Parliamentary Procedure Team (4th), Video Production (2nd)

Megan Smith: Broadcast News Production (2nd), Entrepreneurship (5th), Presentation Management Team (3rd)

Skye Smith: Administrative Support Team (5th), Banking and Finance (2nd), Basic Office Systems and Procedures (2nd), Fundamental Word Processing (4th), Small Business Management Team (4th)

Nate Wadlow: Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications (8th)

Madison Wilson: Administrative Support Team (5th), Parliamentary Procedure Team (4th), Presentation Management Team (7th)

Mackenzie Wombold: Global Marketing Team (1st)

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