‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Is Good Family Fun



'Mary Poppins Returns' hit theaters on December 19.

Kayleen McKamey, Staff Writer

Whether it’s getting lost in the fog or cleaning a chimney, Mary Poppins always makes every day an adventure. She continues to do so in Mary Poppins Returns, the new sequel to the classic 1964 movie that starred Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews as everyone’s favorite nanny. This time around, Emily Blunt takes on the role Andrews made famous.

She once again watches the Banks children, but in this movie, she doesn’t watch Michael and Jane Banks, instead, she watches Michael’s three young children George Banks (Joel Dawson), John Banks (Nathanael Saleh), and Annabel Banks (Pixie Davies). Mary Poppins returns shortly after Michael Banks receives notice that his childhood house will be repossessed in five days if he cannot find enough money to pay it off.

At first, when Michael sees Mary Poppins again, he is delighted, but after she claims she will be watching the Banks children, he refuses, claiming he cannot possibly afford to pay her. However, when Jane intervenes, he reluctantly agrees. Unlike their father, the Banks children were very unhappy to see that someone thought that they needed a “nana,” however, that soon changed after one of their fun-filled adventures with Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins takes the Banks children on many escapades that are similar to the ones on which she took Michael and Jane many years ago. These included, once again, traveling into pictures, flying balloons instead of kites, and many more.

I enjoyed this movie and all the adventures that Mary Poppins and the Banks children had. Though some might disagree with me, I thought that it was almost as good as the original. It was definitely for a younger audience or a good family movie, so if you aren’t into those I wouldn’t recommend it. However, for those of you who enjoy those types of movies, I would put it at the top of your list. Have fun watching this incredible sequel!