K-6 Badger of the Week: Tannalee Cloninger


Fourth grader Tannalee Cloninger is this week's K-6 Badger of the Week.

Preslee Carroll, Staff Writer

This week’s K-6 Badger of the Week is fourth grader Tannalee Cloninger!

Tannalee was born into the family of Tanner and Megan Cloninger on June 13, 2009, in Helena, Montana. Tanner is a state worker and her mom is a house cleaner.

Tannalee enjoys school. Her favorite part about it is when she gets to do Walk-to-Math in the Xcell room with Mrs. Bricker. Tannalee also enjoys music class because a lot of the songs have motions, and she loves to do the motions.

When Tannalee isn’t at school she can be found watching her favorite show Spirit: Riding Free or cheering on her favorite football team, the Miami Dolphins. She can also be found reading her favorite book Captain Underpants. Tannalee loves pizza so if you ever see her outside of school expect her to be eating it.

When Tannalee isn’t busy at school, watching her favorite TV show, cheering on her favorite sports team, or reading Captain Underpants, she can be found playing her favorite sport, basketball. When she isn’t playing basketball, she can also be found staring at her phone or playing on her tablet.

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