K-6 Badger of the Week: Lane McKamey


Ketochi photo by Preslee Carroll

Cascade second grader Lane McKamey is this week's K-6 Badger of the Week.

Preslee Carroll, Staff Writer

This week’s K-6 Badger of the Week is second grader Lane McKamey.

Lane was born in Great Falls on May 11, 2011, into the family of Merrill and Jeanne McKamey. Merrill and Jeanne both work on the family ranch outside of Cascade. They own cows, sheep, horses, and a few cats. When Lane grows up, he would also like to become a rancher.

Lane loves school because he has the opportunity to see friends and learn. His favorite subject is art because he can draw, paint and color. His favorite thing to do is play with clay.  When not playing with clay or sitting in school learning, Lane can be found playing basketball or t-ball.

Lane is the fourth of five children.  His oldest sister, Kayleen, is an eighth grader, his older brother, Ian, is a sixth grader.  His older sister is Clair, who is currently enrolled in fourth grade.  His youngest sibling is four-year-old Natalie.  Lane loves fighting with his siblings on their trampoline.

Lane also enjoys having snowball fights in the winter and hiking in the summer, spring, and fall. When he is not doing any of these fun and exciting activities, he can be found watching his favorite TV show, Dragons: Race to the Edge or his favorite sports team, the Montana Grizzlies while eating some sausage and bacon.

Be sure to check back next week for a feature on another amazing Badger!