Game Review: ‘Red Dead Redemption II’


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Red Dead Redemption II is the new game from Rockstar Games.

Chase LeVeque, Staff Writer

Many renowned games have been announced and released this year, but the best right now is Red Dead Redemption II (RDRII). RDRII is a prequel game from the 2010 version which is the first Red Dead Redemption game.

This game is produced by Rockstar Games, a notable company in the world of game producing. It is provided on PS4 and Xbox One.

Gamers need to realize that this is an M-rated game and should be cautious about the violence and harsh language. RDRII is based in the wild west, and a player’s objective is to hide from the government because they are trying to terminate all of the outlaws within their jurisdiction.

There are multiple stages of the game.  At the beginning, players start off during the winter trying to survive the harsh elements. They have to raid villages for food and shelter to keep their colonies alive. Later, in part two of the game, players have to stop a train holding a ton of supplies that can then be used for their colonies.

Players should take note that there is a lot of combat that is usually involving hand to hand combat or trying to shoot the bad guys. In the game, there are a lot of cool aspects.  For example, a lot of the game includes the players riding around on a horse.  The graphics are surprisingly amazing.  In fact, they are the best I have ever seen from any other game. The storyline of the game is said to be 60 hours of gameplay, so if players want a game to keep them busy for a while, this is the one.

Ketochi Rating: Five Stars