K-6 Badger of the Week: Tyler Lane


Ketochi photo by Preslee Carroll

Sixth-grade student Tyler Lane is this week's K-6 Badger of the Week.

Preslee Carroll, Staff Writer

Sixth-grader Tyler Lane is this week’s K-6 Badger of the Week.

Tyler joined the family of John and Kendra Lane on May 30, 2007. Tyler was born in Great Falls.  Tyler’s parents work on the family ranch outside of Cascade.

Tyler’s only sibling, Trent, is a fourth grader here in Cascade.  The Lane boys both enjoy watching John Wayne movies, and Tyler’s personal favorite is McClintock.  His favorite food is pizza.

When asked what his favorite subject in school is, Tyler said he likes math because he can solve problems.  As an athlete, Tyler participates in basketball.  He says it is a fun and aggressive sport.

When Tyler isn’t in school or playing basketball he can be found moving cows. Tyler enjoys moving cows and would like to be a rancher when he gets older.

Tyler seems to love being outdoors and helping his family work around the ranch. We are happy that Tyler is a Cascade Badger.  Come back next week to learn about another great Cascade student!