Junior High Lady Badgers Peak Heading into District Tourney


Photo courtesy of Debbie Lynn

Members of the junior high volleyball team celebrate after earning a point during a recent match.

Preslee Carroll, Staff Writer

Wearing pink and playing powerfully, the Cascade Lady Badgers junior high volleyball team faced the Valier Panthers, the Highwood/Geraldine Rivals and the Fort Benton Longhorns last week.

The A team was clawed by the Panthers, but they bit the Rivals and lassoed the Longhorns. The B team attacked the Panthers and lassoed the Longhorns.

The A team had a busy week playing the Valier Panthers on Saturday, October 6 the Highwood/Geraldine Rivals on October 8 and the Fort Banton Longhorns on October 9. The Lady Badgers have tournaments on October 11-12 and will need some rest after having only one night off on October 10. The B team, however, only played two games and doesn’t have tournaments this weekend. They faced the Valier Panthers and the Fort Benton Longhorns.

The B team played hard after plenty of sleep and no school on Saturday when they faced the Valier Panthers. They did their best and attacked the Panthers with good passes and a few aces. Bryclyn Lord played hard and was a tremendous help to the team. She saved the ball after a shank and returned the ball back to her team. Not only did she save the ball once but she saved it again after the ball went plummeting into the net. Raygan Carroll also played hard after performing two great serves that turned into aces as the Panthers failed to get the ball back into the air. These two players played their best and contributed to the team but it wasn’t enough during the first game, which ended with a score of 18-25.

The second game ended as a victory for the Lady Badgers when the team not only attacked the Panthers with good passes and a few aces but a tip performed by Hattie Orem that earned a point. Orem was on her toes and decided to tip the ball over the net at the right time when the Lady Panthers were least expecting it. This action won the point for the Badgers. Amelea McKamey was also a key player in the second game. She performed an ace and then an outstanding pass to the setter not long after. She also set the ball over the net and almost gained the team a point. Amelea was on her toes and ready for anything that came her way. These two players played amazingly and benefited the team greatly. This led to a 25-19 victory in the second game.

The victory during the second game pushed the match to a decisive third. While the Badgers looked pretty in pink they also continued to play hard and aggressive. Zoe Mazaira had amazing serves, including an ace. Raygan Carroll played aggressively when she saved the ball after it hit the net and sent it over, gaining an easy point. Raygan then finished the game with an ace and a final score of 15-12.

“The girls are playing their best volleyball of the season,” said B-team coach Amanda Tharp.  “They approach the game with intensity and welcome tough competitions.”

The A team, also looking pretty in pink, did not play as aggressively as usual, but they hit good kills and serves. For example, during the first match, Madison Cope played hard and performed three really good serves along with a dig not long after she served. Cope then served again at the end of the game and got the ball over but her team wasn’t ready and lost the point. This ended the game with a final score of 23-25.

During the second game, Kodiann Lynn played really well with at least two kills, two tips, and a block that gained the Lady Badgers a point. Lynn was ready for anything and moved her feet the most out of anybody on the team. She played really well in every game and was always on her toes. Kayla Satterwhite, the A team libero also played really well in the Valier game. Kayla got every ball that game her way to the setter in any position. Both of these players benefited the team during the second match. Even though the team played hard and worked together, they lost the second match with a final score of 27-29. Both teams fought to the end and had to go over 25.

Highwood-Geraldine was the next team the Badgers faced. The A-team bit the Rivals on October 8 with their outstanding serves. The Badgers performed great with 9 points gained throughout the whole game just from serving. Five different girls helped to gain these points. Cope gained two points because of her serving, one being an ace. She did this when the score was 7-2 and got the score to 9-2.

Cope wasn’t the only one with great serves. Only six points later, Jolee Davis served and gained three points with her wicked serves. It was up to Harlie Jackson to finish the game, and she did. Jackson took her turn and finished the game with a final score of 25-16.

The girls continued to serve well during the second game.  Karissa Riphenburg served near the end of the game, gaining three points and moving the score from 19-17 to 22-17. Just like Jackson, it was up to Zoey Rose to finish the game. She made the Badgers proud when she smacked the ball and gained two more points. These serves sent the Badgers to a victory with a final score of 25-22. The Badgers gained points because of their serves and were very consistent.

The B team tried to lasso the Fort Benton Longhorns and were close but the lasso slipped out of the Badgers’ hands. Game one consisted of good serves and passes. Kayleen McKamey’s serves flew like a dart and were deep and flat. Zoey Rose also had a good serve after slapping the ball sending it to the Fort Benton’s back row players. These performances were great but unfortunately led to a loss for the Badgers with a final score of 21-25.

During the second game, the Badgers were benefited by two specific players. One of these players was Maddie Schrecengost, who started the match out with a great deep serve. She then performed a dig that saved the ball from hitting the ground. Her next performance was not only great but gained the team a point. She made a great call that the ball was out, and it was. Hatti Orem was the other player that played strong during the second match. Elizabeth Langenderfer passed Orem the ball, and she back-passed it over the net. This was something the other team was not expecting. Later in the game, she saved the ball and back passed it over the net to get the job done. Orem and Schrecengost both were very aggressive but it wasn’t enough. The final score of the first match was 20-25.

The A team lassoed the Longhorns with their tipping techniques. Davis performed the first tip and almost gained a point, but the Longhorns were too quick and reacted before the ball hit the ground. Kodiann Lynn also tipped the ball over the net and gained a point. Preslee Carroll did the same thing, but the ball she tipped rode the net for about three seconds before dropping on the other side. These tricky tips and other amazing things seemed like enough when playing the Longhorns, and they were. The final score of the first match was 25-23.

The Lady Badgers played the second game even better. The game ended with a final score of 25-17. This occurred because the team was on their toes and ready for anything. Kayla Satterwhite had to sprint up to the 10-foot line to save the ball, and she did. Satterwhite wasn’t the only one to succeed during the game. Riphenburg controlled the net like never before. She pushed the ball over the net early in the game tricking the other team as they thought it was a tip. Karissa not only had a tip but a kill too and was blocking every chance she had. The Lady Badgers pushed through the game and ended it with a final score of 25-17.

“The girls are attacking the ball more consistently,” said head coach Siobhan Hathhorn.  “The team has been working hard on serve consistency, and it is paying off.”

The Lady Badgers A team has a busy weekend ahead of them as they go into tournaments with the No. 1 ranking in the district.  The team’s first game is on Thursday, October 11 at 5:00. The Badgers play at the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind in Great Falls. The B team finished their season on October 9 against the Lady Longhorns.