JH Lady Badgers Upend Highwood


Photo courtesy of Debbie Lynn

Kodiann Lynn passes the volleyball to a teammate in a recent match.

Preslee Carroll, Staff Writer

If you wanted some volleyball action you should’ve come to Highwood to watch the Lady Badgers play against the Rivals on September 20, 2018. The Lady Badgers played two great matches that led to victory for both teams.

The B team played very aggressively and had team spirit that led them to a victory. Throughout the game, fans could hear the team cheering each other on. Aggressiveness also helped the team win the game. Bryclin Lord and Sophia Mortag had a great pass, set, hit. Sophia passed the ball to Bryclin the setter where she set the ball back to Sophia and she hit the ball gaining a point. Kayleen McKamey also helped the team when she saved the ball from touching the ground after a shank by her own team. Zoey Rose tipped the ball over the net gaining a point. The Lady Badgers won the first game by the score of 25-15.

The second game was also a win for the B team.  It was full of great sets and saves. Amelea McKamey had a save that won the team the point. Elizabeth Langenderfer had two very impressive back sets, that the Rivals weren’t expecting. Kylie Hooper and Hattie Orem had two great serves that turned into aces after the ball fell over the net. The Lady Badgers finished the game with a score of 25-14.

“The B team has come together nicely and are playing with teamwork, enthusiasm, and confidence,” said junior high head coach Siobhan Hathhorn.

The A team had two very close games that could’ve been lost if the team hadn’t been on their toes and ready for anything. Karissa Riphenburg had two serves that brought the team within two points of the other team during the first match. Kodiann Lynn and Harlie Jackson had a great save after a volley, winning the point. This occurred because of the two girls where on their toes and ready for any ball that came their way. This led to a victory during the first game with a final score of 27-25.

The second match ended with a final score of 14-24. Even though the Badgers lost, they played hard. Kodiann Lynn had a tip to win a point, but that wasn’t enough. The Badgers also had some great serves during the second game.

This led to a winner-take-all third game.  It was tough but had many great serves, one block, and one tip. Harlie Jackson, Karissa Riphenburg, and Kodiann Lynn each had one ace that gave our team a point. Riphenburg was also successful when she performed a great tip winning the point. Makaela Pribyl performed a great block that threw the Rivals off guard as the ball fell into the net and won the point. These outstanding performances ended the game with a final score of 16-14.

“The girls from both teams have been working hard to improve their skills in practice, and it is apparent in their improved game performances,” added Hathhorn.