Junior High Volleyball Hits Rough Stretch


Photo courtesy of Debbie Lynn

Preslee Carroll sets the ball to a teammate in a recent match.

Preslee Carroll, Staff Writer

With competitive opponents and noncompetitive concession food, the Lady Badgers have had a busy week. They hosted three matches against the Valier Panthers, Centerville Miners, and Power Pirates, respectively. The matches resulted in two losses for the A team and one win for the B team.

After the Great Falls Catholic Central match, the A team got a little cocky against their next three opponents. The players said the games would be easy to win but instead, they lost to Fort Benton, Valier, and Centerville. The B team, however, has continued to play hard and has only lost two of the three games played last week. The B team won against the Centerville Miners and lost against the Fort Benton Longhorns and the Valier Panthers.

The B team lost its first match against the Valier Panthers on Thursday, September 13. Even though they lost, they played hard with good volleys and challenging passes. Kayleen McKamey had a pass that barely went over the net throwing the other team off guard and winning the point. Raygan Carroll also had a back pass to her team after a shank. The Cascade Lady Badgers lost the first match with a score of 18-25.

The second match contained a tip by McKamey that won the point.  Amelea McKamey also helped the team out when she had a set straight over the net that took the Panthers by surprise. The B team played hard, but they lost the second match with a score of 15-25.

The A team also struggled to defeat the Lady Panthers. Kodiann Lynn, however, had great serves that gained the Cascade Badgers many points. The A team lost the first match with a final score of 23-25. The second match, also a loss, included a dig out of the net by Jolee Davis. This gave the team high expectations that were let down when they lost with a score of 16-25.

“The team should’ve worked together and had better attitudes in order to win the game,” said eighth-grade setter Sallie Orem.

On September 15 the Lady Badgers also played the Centerville Miners in Cascade. The B team had their first win of the week. Unlike the B team, the A team had their third loss of the week. However, both teams played hard with strong serves and overpowering hits.

Preslee Carroll scored nine points in a row because of her deep serves. Kodiann Lynn also had a kill that won the point during the first game. Each one of these players helped lead their team to a 25-11 victory in the first game.

The second game, however, went downhill as did the third. The A team lost the second by the score of 19-25 and the third by the score of 13-15.  Sixth-grader Zoey Rose gained 3 points because of her outstanding serves during the third match.

The B team had a victory against the Lady Miners. They played hard and were very competitive. Kayleen McKamey, Sophia Mortag, and Zoey Rose performed a great set up with a pass set and a hit. Raygan Carroll also had a kill that was set to her by Zoey Rose. Each performance led to a winning score of 25-12.

The second game, however, was a loss by the Lady Badgers that led to a deciding third game. Both matches contained aces by Raygan Carroll, Zoey Rose, and Zoe Mazaira. These aces added points to the scoreboard. Raygan Carroll had a pass to the setter that was tipped over the net by Hatti Orem. The second match was a loss by the Badgers with a finishing score of 13-25. The third match finished the game with a score that led to a victory of 15-7.

“The team worked together and called the ball more than they ever have,” said Kayleen McKamey.

The action didn’t stop there. On September 18, the junior high Lady Badgers played the Power Pirates. The B team dominated the Pirates with a smashing score of 25-12 the first match. The second match was much the same with great passes and a few hits. Kylie Hooper, for example, had a great pass over the net that gained a point. Hatti Orem also benefited the team when she perfectly set the ball to Raygan Carroll, and she hit it over the net gaining the point. The second match ended with a fantastic score of 25-11. The B team did a great job at working together and winning the game.

The A team also played hard and worked together but were not as fortunate as the B team. The A team lost their first game with a final score of 17-25. Even though they lost they had a few good digs and great blocks. Preslee Carroll and Madison Cope each had a dig that got the job done. Kodiann Lynn had a hard hit after setter Harlie Jackson set her the ball. Makaela Pribyl and Jolee Davis also contributed to the team during the second game. Each player had one great block. However, the second ended with a final score of 18-25.

The Cascade Lady Badgers will try to avenge the loss to Power when they travel north to face the Pirates on September 25.

The Lady Badgers continue to play hard with only five games remaining. Go Badgers!