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1995 CHS Graduate Lisa LeVeque


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Chase LeVeque, Staff Writer

Lisa LeVeque was born on May 23, 1977, and is the daughter of Dennis and Mona LeVeque. She started her life off with the doctor telling her that she could possibly never walk because of her hips. She overcame that, and now she’s running half marathons.

LeVeque started preschool in 1982, and graduated from Cascade High School in 1995.  In elementary school, she wanted to become a teacher. She earned amazing grades all through school and put school work in front of everything.

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1995 CHS graduate Lisa LeVeque is now an FBI agent

During high school, LeVeque didn’t want to aim for a specific job. Her goal was to go to college and get a degree.

LeVeque ended up going to two colleges. She started out going to college at the University of Montana and started in the Biology department. Halfway through college, she switched to law enforcement. After she graduated from U of M, LeVeque earned her Masters degree from California State University in Los Angeles.

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LeVeque enjoys running half marathons. She was told as a child that she may never walk.

While LeVeque was in college, she worked at Target to earn some extra spending money, and in 1999, she started to work as a background investigator for security clearances.  In 2002, she started working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which she still does today as an intelligence analyst.

LeVeque has run 105 half marathons since she graduated. She has ended up having to travel across the world as an FBI agent. Her favorite memory of going to school in Cascade was graduating high school. Her favorite class was history.