Junior High Lady Badgers Continue Strong Play


Photo courtesy of Debbie Lynn

Eighth-grader Kodiann Lynn sets the ball as Harlie Jackson (left), Kayla Satterwhite (2), and Preslee Carroll (8) look on.

Preslee Carroll, Staff Writer

The Cascade Lady Badgers junior high A team and B team played two amazing games this weekend with great rallies and good serves.

On September 7 and September 8, Cascade traveled to Dutton-Brady and Great Falls Central Catholic to face the Diamondbacks and the Mustangs. On Tuesday, September 11, they also played the Fort Benton Longhorns.

During the first match against the Dutton-Brady Diamondbacks, the B team had great serves. Kayleen McKamey managed to score 8 points during her serves. She helped to lead her team to a victory during the first match. The team finished the first match with a score of  25-19

The second match, also a success for the B team had many great passes and sets. Zoe Mazaira started the match out with an amazing pass to the setter. The setter Raygan Carroll then sent the ball over with a tricky set. This set was challenging for the other team to send back over the net.

Bryclyn Lord also helped lead the team to victory when she back-passed the ball over the net just to keep it in play. During this play, she saved the ball from touching the ground after a shank by her own team.

The B team beat the Diamondbacks with a score of 25-18 the second match. The game was close but the team had fluent plays and accurate passes. Like the B team, the junior high A team also beat the Diamondbacks.

The A team played the Diamondbacks and had many great tips that took the other team off guard. During the first match, Preslee Carroll, Jolee Davis, and Harlie Jackson all tipped at least one ball over the net. Each tip almost scoring a point or making the other team get on their knees to save the ball. The first match was an easy 25-15 win for Cascade.

The action continued as the team moved on to the second match. The Lady Badgers and the Diamondbacks both were part of a great volley that was saved by Kayla Satterwhite. She was on her toes and tipped the ball over the net when no one expected the ball to be saved. The junior high A team beat the Diamondbacks finishing the game with a score of 25-17.

Cascade then traveled to Great Falls to face Great Falls Central Catholic on September 8.

This game showed a team effort that each player on the B team was a part of. The B team won their first match finishing with a score of 25-15 because of strong serves and quick decisions. Zoe Rose had four amazing serves and one ace that gained the team at least 5 points. McKamey also benefited the team because she was on her toes and saved the ball from hitting the ground. The game finished when Raygan Carroll scored 5 points while serving.

During the second match, the B team continued to play hard. They had a nice rally against the other team that required effort from both teams. The rally also required the teams to be on their toes and ready for anything. The Cascade Lady Badgers lost the second match with a close score of 18-25. Even though the team lost they continued to play hard and the third match turned out to be a  close score of 11-15. Even though the Badgers lost the game the third match was played with good intentions. The Cascade Lady Badgers were down and ready for anything. Zoe Rose had a great back row set that led to the final point for her team.

Just like the B team the A team has had many tough antagonists. The Lady Mustangs was one on these teams. The first match contained skin burning digs and hard hits.

Kayla Satterwhite had a nice hit that threw the other team off guard adding a point to the scoreboard. Harlie Jackson set up Kodiann Lynn for a kill, thus proving that the team had a great team effort that was needed during the game. The first match finished with a score of 21-25. Even though the Lady Badgers lost their first match the kept their heads high and had encouraging spirits.

The encouragement that followed the first match had a huge impact on the Badgers the second match. Karissa Riphenburg had a great dig that was set up by Preslee Carroll back to Karissa as she went in for a kill. Each move that was made during the game was being encouraged by the Lady Badgers coaches, teammates or the crowd that sat behind the team. With a fight to win the second match, the Cascade Lady Badgers pulled off an amazing win with a score of 28-26.

This led to a third match that was a fight to the end. The score of the final match was 16-14. This leading the Badgers to a Victory against the Great Falls Catholic Mustangs.

Head coach, Siobhan Hathhorn said, “The teams are finally putting the game together.”

On September 11 the junior high team traveled to Fort Benton to face the Longhorns. Both A and B team were not ready for the game that followed. The B team lost the first match with a score of 9-25. Even though they lost they continued to play hard. The second match ended with a score of 14-25. The B team was not impressed with the way they played.

Just like the B team the A team was not impressed with the way they played their game. The A team lost their first match with an ending score of 15-25. The Cascade Lady Badgers fell short not only the first match but the second match too. The game ended when the team lost their serves and the Longhorns scored a point. The final score of the second match was 18-25.

Cascade hosts Valier on Thursday, September 13, and Centerville on Saturday, September 15.