Latest ‘Bachelor’ Luyendyk Sets Standard for Reality Betrayal


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Arie Luyendyk sits with the second woman to whom he proposed on the latest season of ABC's long-running reality romance, The Bachelor.

Brooke Hanson, Staff Writer

At the age of three years old, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his family immigrated from the Netherlands and settled in the United States. Now at the age of 36, Arie resides in Fort Lauderdale, Arizona and works as a real estate agent. Arie is best known for his race car driving, which earned him spots in the Indy 500 for many years.

After having his heart broken on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette in 2012, Arie returned in 2018 to find love on his own season of The Bachelor, which is hosted by the legendary Chris Harrison. This drama-packed season consisted of twenty-nine women from all over the United States, including one from Montana.

At the start of this season, no one could have imagined how it was going to end. However, with a few plot twists and frequent heartbreaks, it was unquestionably one of the most dramatic endings in Bachelor history.

From the beginning, Arie portrayed a stale and repetitious personality that carried out until the end. After watching countless episodes of Arie wearing the same cardigan and repeating the same line (“I love that!”), it was fairly easy to dislike him. Additionally, his full head of gray hair at such a young age made him unappealing to the eye.

As the women stepped out of the limousine on the first night of airing, fan favorites were already being decided. These ranged from country sweetheart Tia Booth, sophisticated Yale alum Seinne Fleming, and Becca Kufrin, the warm-hearted Minnesota girl who would eventually have all of Bachelor nation rooting for her. Aside from the favorites, a couple of disliked girls arose as well. With Krystal Nielson as the selfish attention seeker and Bibiana Julian as the bold drama queen, a thrilling season was just beginning.

Throughout the season many girls were sent home in tears while others continued to travel around the world with Arie in hopes of winning his heart. In the last week of The Bachelor, Arie had narrowed down twenty-nine women to two, Kufrin and Lauren Burnham. The final destination was in Cusco, Peru where, ultimately, one girl would be sent home, and the other would be engaged to Arie.

Arie and Becca spent their date by wandering the streets of Cusco and befriending a group of alpacas. Later on in the day, Becca asked Arie if he had any doubts about their relationship, and he admitted that he was conflicted about what he was going to do. The next day, Arie and Lauren took a train to visit Machu Picchu in which they discussed what their life would be like if they ended up together.

On the final day, the rose ceremony took place yet again. This is where Arie would propose to one girl and send the other one home. As the night played out, viewers all across the world watched as Arie sent Lauren home, just minutes before asking Becca to marry him. If this were a normal season of The Bachelor, everything would have ended here, but this was far from a normal season.

Shortly after proposing to Becca, Arie decided that he was still in love with Lauren. This led Arie to break up with Becca on live television and return to Lauren.  A week later, The Bachelor aired another episode to show the live feed of the breakup along with the reuniting of Arie and Lauren. These events made Bachelor Nation furious with Arie, even more so when he decided to propose to Lauren on the live episode. With Becca in attendance, she simply stated that she was ready to move on and to find someone who is trustworthy, honest, and loyal.

At the end of the episode, Chris Harrison announced that the new Bachelorette will be, of course, Becca. He even made it possible for Becca to meet five of the men who will be contestants on her season, which will begin airing on May 28, 2018.