Lady Badgers Volleyball Ends Season at District Tourney


Ketochi photo by Cassy LaFromboise

Cascade seniors Becca Gerard (9) and Kelsey Lappier (8) celebrate a point at the district volleyball tournament in Great Falls.

Raija Buley, Staff Writer

The Lady Badgers are ready to head into districts strong with their heads held high and their game faces on. This last week has been very busy for our badgers with four home games, and one away. The girls faced the Augusta Elks, Centerville Miners, Highwood/Geraldine Rivals, Fort Benton Longhorns, and the Central Catholic Mustangs. The girls came out of the long week 3-2 and are heading into districts  4-6.

The girls first faced the Augusta Elks on October 10. The Badgers started out pretty rocky, but the match ended up going by quickly, with Cascade taking the win 3-0.

Digs: Ashtyn Schlotter 6, Raija Buley 4, Becca Gerard 3
Blocks: Kaicey Oliver 3,
Kills: Raija Buley 6, Ashtyn Schlotter 5, Savannah Spurzem 5, Kaicey Oliver 5
Assists: Shelbie Jackson 23

The Badgers held the Centerville Miners on October 12th. The Lady Badgers started out hot barley giving the Miners a chance to score, but then they got ahead of themselves and lost in the 3rd set. The girls took the victory after the 4th set, making sure they put their foot on the pedal and finished the game 3-1.

Aces: Raija Buley 1, Kaicey Oliver 1
Digs: Kaicey Oliver 8, Savannah Spurzem 7
Blocks: Shelbie Jackson 9, Kaicey Oliver 6, Ashtyn Schlotter 4
Kills:  Kaicey Oliver 15, Raija Buley 7
Assists: Shelbie Jackson 25
The Badgers defeated the Highwood-Geraldine Rivals on October 13. The girls had their minds set and were set out to win, and they did just that. At some parts, it was a battle for the Badgers, who lost in one set against he Rivals. The girls ended the match 3-1 against the Rivals.
Aces: Shelbie Jackson 5
Digs: Kaicey Oliver 9, Shelbie Jackson 5
Blocks: Ashtyn Schlotter 11, Kaicey Oliver 8, Raija Buley 5
Kills: Raija Buley 8, Ashtyn Schlotter 7, Kaicey Oliver 5
Assists: Shelbie Jackson 24
On October 14th seven seniors for the Lady Badger volleyball team had there last home game against the Fort Benton Long Horns. The Seven Seniors included: Raija Buley, Kaicey Oliver, Kelsey Lappier, Savannah Spurzem, Rebecca Gerard, Brooke Hanson, and Ashtyn Schlotter. The Badgers put up a fight but fell to the Longhorns in 3. The match was filled with emotions due to the game being the seniors last home game, but the Badgers fought with all they had.
Aces: Taylor Brown 2
Digs: Shelbie Jackson 9, Ashtyn Schlotter 9
Blocks: Kaicey Oliver 8, Shelbie Jackson 5
Kills:  Kaicey Oliver 5, Raija Buley 3, Ashtyn Schlotter 3
Assists: Shelbie Jackson 15
On October 17, the Lady Badgers headed off to play the Great Falls Central Catholic Mustangs for their final away game for the season. The Badgers came to the game sluggishly, and it showed on the court.  The girls lost a quick three-game match to the Mustangs.
Senior and outside hitter Savannah Spurzem stated, “We were not really playing as one unit, and we made silly mistakes.”
Aces: Shelbie Jackson 1
Digs: Ashtyn Schlotter 6
Blocks: Kaicey Oliver 4
Assists: Shelbie Jackson 10 
Kills: Savannah Spurzem 5
On Thursday, October 26 the Lady Badgers headed off to the 2017 7C district tournament at Great Falls Central Catholic High School. The girls were sitting at fourth place out of six teams, and they were set to play the Highwood/Geraldine Rivals for their first game at 10 a.m.
The girls started out well against the Rivals but sadly lost the first game 30-28. The second game went a lot better for the Badgers who won it by the score of 25-23. The girls kept fighting, but Highwood was not going to give it to them easy. The Badgers took the third set 25-22. The Lady Badgers struggled in the third game losing to much ground, they lost the fourth set 25-21. The 5th and final set for the Badgers was a struggle the girls dug a hole, and just couldn’t fight back. The end score was 15-13 and a 3-2 win for Highwood.
Senior Libero Brooke Hanson stated, “It was a hard loss.  We went to five games and fought hard.  The end result was sad, but we had a chance to get rested up for the next day of districts.”
Aces: Raija Buley 2, Shelbie Jackson 1
Digs: Brooke Hanson 6, Shelbie Jackson 6
Blocks: Kaicey Oliver 5, Ashtyn Schlotter 4
Assists: Shelbie Jackson 20
Kills: Raija Buley 15, Ashtyn Schlotter 5, Kaicey Oliver 5
On Friday, October 27 the Lady Badgers headed back to the district tournament for another day of volleyball. Due to the Badgers’ loss the day before, they were set to play the Fort Benton Longhorns at 10 a.m  The Badgers had a tough battles against the Longhorns all season but were ready to fight back. The Badgers started out weakly in the first game losing 25-13. The second set seemed a little better for the Lady Badgers, only losing 25-22. The girls got there heads on straight and finally came back winning the third game 25-22. The Badgers tried but just couldn’t hold the Longhorns.  They ended up losing the fourth game 25-21, and their season was over.
Aces: Ashtyn Schlotter 1, Kaicey Oliver 1
Digs: Raija Buley 5, Savannah Spurzem 5
Blocks: Shelbie Jackson 4, Kaicey oliver 4
Assists: Shelbie Jackson 16
Kills: Raija Buley 5, Savannah Spurzem 5
The Lady Badgers had a great season, with some tough losses. Losing seven seniors will be hard for Coach Christa Hardy, but there is plenty more talent within Cascade High School.