Prom Tips and Tricks


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With prom just around the corner, check out the best tips and tricks for it!

Quincy Balius, Student Editor

With the big dance coming up in less than two weeks, it’s time for the annual Ketochi advice column on prom. While it may seem scary (especially if you’re an underclassman going for the first time), prom is meant to be a fun night out, and we’re here to help make it great for you.

Gender-Neutral Tips

  1. Schedule early.
    No matter how early you think you should make appointments, do it earlier. A good rule of thumb is to schedule hair two months in advance, nails a month and a half, restaurants a month, and buy your dress or tux as soon as possible just in case you have to get it altered.
  2. There’s no shame in going alone.
    If no one asks you to prom or you just prefer riding solo, prom can still be a great event. You can go with a group of single friends and hang out with them throughout the night, or you can be the James-Bond type, spending time with lots of different people throughout the night and asking anyone you want to dance. Don’t worry – there will be plenty of fast songs to group dance to, and snacks are always an option if you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Keep the next day low-key.
    You might be able to handle the late night, but the day after will be killer. Your feet will hurt, you’ll be covered in various bits of glitter and possibly makeup, and you probably won’t be able to find your outfit for a good few minutes in the morning.

Tips for Guys

  1. Don’t be shy in asking people to go with you.
    Be brave! Lots of people are also looking for dates, and a cute prom-posal can make anyone’s day. It’s pretty likely they’ll say yes, and even if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. It’s their loss, and you can still go alone.
  2. Don’t wait until the last second to ask someone.
    Girls have to do an enormous amount of work for prom: dress shopping, jewelry shopping, shoe shopping, hair appointments, nail appointments, makeup…the list goes on. Even if she likes you, she might not be able to go if you don’t ask early. The same goes for guys. Two months before the dance is what I would recommend.
  3. Rent/buy your outfit early and match it to your date’s outfit.
    One of the key rules for prom is to do things early, so as soon as your date buys/rents their dress or suit, buy/rent yours to match theirs. This does not mean buying a red suit to match a red dress. Coordinate colors instead of using the same ones – it looks way better.
  4. Reserve a restaurant.
    It’s typically the guy’s job to reserve a restaurant (gender roles suck), so ask your date what they’d like to eat and put together reservations as soon as you can.
  5. Buy tickets on time.
    Again, gender roles bite us in the butt here. You’re the one who buys the tickets, so don’t forget to get that done.
  6. Be polite to your date’s parents and your date.
    This doesn’t seem to get discussed enough, but it’s important. Your date’s parents will be annoying. They will want to take pictures and ask you roughly a million questions. Keep it polite and kind, and they’ll be happy. It’s really not that hard. If you really want to impress them, come with a gift for them – something small, like flowers or chocolate. They’ll be shocked and pleased that you thought of them. As for your date, don’t leave the prom without them and be as chivalrous as possible. Open doors, compliment them, bring a corsage, and keep it classy.
  7. Bring a comb.
    Come on. I mean, brush your hair. Let’s try to be neat.

Tips for Girls

  1. You can ask someone else.
    So you’ve been waiting for weeks, and it’s just a month away now. You want to go to prom with a certain someone, no prom-posal has been forthcoming. Take that leap yourself and ask them! They might not have gotten the hints, or they might just be shy. Either way, you making the first move will benefit you both.
  2. Go shopping with friends.
    It’s always best to get a second opinion, and the best way to do that is to have your own opinionated person on hand. Bring your friends with you to shop for dresses, jewelry, and shoes. Even if they don’t have great ideas for your outfit, they’ll definitely make it more fun.
  3. Bring the right footwear.
    You can wear heels for Grand March, but you’ll be begging for sneakers by the end of the night unless you bring a pair of flats or simple shoes to dance in. Pro tip from the Ketochi’s own Cassy LaFromboise: “Bring socks so you can just dance around in your socks.”
  4. Buy a dress with pockets (or garters).
    It’s a drag to carry your phone, lipstick, and other assorted items around the whole night. Instead, find a dress with pockets or buy garters so that you can strap your phone to your leg under your dress. Purses are also an option, but for the accident-prone (like me), they’re not a great choice.
  5. Bring extra makeup.
    You don’t need to pack your whole makeup bag, but keep a few essentials with you.
  6. Give yourself an extra hour for everything.
    From hair appointments to dinner, everything will take more time that you expect it to. Plan ahead for things that could slow you down and make sure to schedule everything in advance.
  7. Be polite to your date.
    The compliments and flowers don’t just go for the guy. You should also tell your date that they look nice and bring them a boutonniere if they want one. Bring a gift for your date’s parents if you’re planning on meeting them and make sure to be as polite as possible to your date.
  8. (This year specifically) Lift up your dress before getting on the escalator or stairs.
    It’s way too easy to get trapped in escalators or trip on stairs when you’re wrapped up in a huge dress or teetering on heels. Since this year’s prom is at the airport, you’ll need to walk with extra caution. Go slowly and help yourself out by gathering up your dress.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have a great night. Enjoy your prom!