May Junior High Student of the Month: Kayleen McKamey


Ketochi photo by Ashley Tait

Eighth-grader Kayleen McKamey has been named Junior High Student of the Month for May.

Sydney Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Congratulations to eighth-grade student Kayleen McKamey, the Junior High Student of the Month for May!

Kayleen was born on June 4, 2005, and is currently 13 years old. Her parents are Merrill and Jeanne McKamey who both work on their family’s ranch.  She is the oldest of five children in her family. Ian (12) is currently in sixth grade, Clairice (10) is currently in fourth, Lane (8) is currently in second, and Natalie (5) has yet to begin school.

Kayleen participates in basketball, volleyball, and track. Another activity that she does in Cascade is band. It was Kayleen’s band instructor, Jeff Skogley, who nominated Kayleen for this award.  Some activities that she enjoys doing when she isn’t in school include riding horses, playing sports, making crafts, and baking.

“In my free time, I like to do crafts and play sports because they are fun and can be done with friends and family,” Kayleen said.

Kayleen works hard in school to accomplish her goals. When asked what her favorite subject is, Kayleen answered, “Math is my favorite because, for the most part, it is easier to understand.”

With regard to her favorite teacher, Kayleen said, “It is a tie between Mrs. Rumney, Mr. Tait, and Mr. Fredrickson because they have a good sense of humor and are friendly, but they still stay on task.”

Congratulations, Kayleen!