May High School Student of the Month: Madeleine Montanye


Ketochi photo by Cassy La Fromboise

Sophomore Madeleine Montanye has been named the High School Student of the Month for May.

Jacob Marko, Staff Writer

Congratulations to sophomore Madeleine Montanye for being awarded May Student of the Month.

Madeleine was born November 11,  2002, in to Bob and Janey Montanye. Madeleine grew up in Cascade  with her parents and her sister, Tessa.

While in school, Madeleine participates in volleyball and was recently inducted into Cascade’s chapter of National Honor Society.

At home, she enjoys eating any type of pasta while taking in a few episodes of the classic ’90s sitcom, Friends.

Madeleine likes to quote from the famous kid’s book and movie, Winnie the Pooh: “Rivers know this; there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.”

Madeleine’s favorite subject in school is English because Mr. Tait is her favorite teacher and she really enjoys writing.

“Madeleine is responsible, polite, and dedicated to her school work,” said her nominating teacher, Ashley Tait.  “She completes all of her work to the best of her ability and shows respect to her peers and the teaching staff.”

Congratulations, Madeleine!