March Junior High Student of the Month: Preslee Carroll


Ketochi photo by Ashley Tait

Eighth-grader Preslee Carroll has been named the Junior High Student of the Month for March.

Sydney Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Congratulations to Preslee Carroll, the Junior High Student of the Month for March!

Preslee Ann Carroll was born on January 1, 2005 to Tenella and Damon Carroll, who work as farmers, ranchers, and business owners.  Preslee is the oldest of five Carroll children.  Her siblings are Raygan, a sixth-grader in Cascade, Cache, a second-grader, Coltyn, a pre-kindergartner, and Dirkes. She has many hobbies that she enjoys doing in her free time. She is a hard worker and has a large family that supports her in whatever she chooses to do.

Preslee enjoys doing many activities whenever she has free time. When asked what hobbies she had she replied, “I like to spend time with my family at Holter Lake and help with cows.” She enjoys helping out her parents as much as she possibly can. It is also common to see Preslee listening to country music when she has time. She has many hobbies that she enjoys taking part in when she has spare time.

Preslee is well known for enjoying sports. Her after-school activities include basketball, volleyball, and track. When asked what her favorite part of the school year was she replied, “My favorite part of the school year so far has been playing basketball and volleyball. I liked it because our teams have been fun to be around. We usually have good attitudes which make sports more enjoyable.”

Preslee’s favorite subjects in school are Ketochi and agriculture. She likes Ketochi because it gives her the opportunity to be creative with her writing and learn different techniques. She enjoys agriculture because it is common around Montana and a lot of people live around it and can relate to it. Her favorite teacher is Ashley Tait because “he makes our class more exciting and enjoyable.”

“Preslee is always hard working and very self-motivated,” said Cascade history teacher John Wright, who nominated Preslee for the award.  “She is always helpful, and she participates in many school activities.”

Preslee’s hard work has truly paid off. She has made amazing achievements and she deserves all of them. Congratulations, Preslee!