Cascade Science Students Participate at State Fair


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Sydney Gutierrez, Staff Writer

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result,” Oscar Wilde.

During the 2019 state science fair, numerous students went to Missoula to compete against other schools. The students were all proud of the accomplishments that they made while they were at state. They also did some fun activities while they were staying there, including going to a pool in the Wingate Hotel and going to an escape room. The students were there for two days competing in the science fair and trying their hardest to do well.  The state fair was a fun and exciting experience for all of the students who were involved.

After they finished presenting to numerous judges on the first day, the students were gifted with the opportunity to do whatever activities they wanted. The students had the option to either go to an escape room or stay at the hotel and swim.

When asked what her favorite part was, eighth-grader Kodiann Lynn answered, “I liked the escape room because Mr. Coon started throwing things and making us laugh.”

“I liked the escape room because of all the puzzles and I enjoyed trying to figure it out,” said eighth-grader Marshall Byrnes.

The day after they presented, there was a ceremony for the awards that the students earned. During the ceremony, there was a speaker. The speaker talked about how certain locations tend to struggle with noxious plants that aren’t typically native to the area. When asked what she thought of it, Mrs. Rumney answered, “I found the speaker to be very interesting. We struggle with noxious weeds all the time so hearing about them was very fascinating.”

Not only did the teachers enjoy the speech, but the students did as well. When asked what she thought Kodiann Lynn answered, “It was actually really interesting because it was a topic related to something a student might consider as a project for science fair. It was also kept short with the facts all clearly listed which was nice because it kept it from becoming boring.”

The speaker was well organized and he presented well. After the ceremony, the students earned awards and prizes for their projects.

Many students earned awards including a placement that they found out before attending the ceremony. The students could either earn gold, silver, or bronze. Even though some earned silver they could still make accomplishments at the awards ceremony. The awards were presented with a long slide show that listed the names of the students and what they had earned the award for. It was well set up and clearly stated for all the students to see. They would then have the students come up to collect their award and shake hands with the adults that were presenting them.

The students that earned gold for their projects were Jack Snyder, Madeline Schrecengost, Audrey Rumney, Jeremiah Creveling, Brent Ethridge, Sydney Gutierrez, and Harlie Jackson. Not only Creveling and Ethridge earn gold, but they also managed to win the award for second overall in seventh grade physical. The students that earned silver were Tyler Lane, Ian McKamey, Braedyn Johnson, Marshall Byrnes, and Hayden Issak. The students that earned bronze were Harlie Bricker, Carsyn Otheim, Raygan Carroll, Hattie Orem, and Kodiann Lynn. All of the students did extremely well and had well thought out projects. They should all be proud of their accomplishments.

Congratulations to all of the students that went to state this year!