Cascade Thinclads Ready for 2019 Season


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Cascade's track athletes look to continue program's tradition.

Nathan Gatch, Staff Writer

“It doesn’t matter how tall or big you are, distances, heights, and times don’t lie. You create your own success,” said Cascade’s head track and field coach Christa Hardy.

There are many people going out for track this year. On the boys’ side, there are four seniors (Riccardo Samoggia, Kolton Lynn, Wesley Hagan, and Kyle Evans), one junior (David Le), four sophomores (Max Hardt, Kaden Shelton, Jacob Phillips, and Josiah Mazaira), and four freshmen (Preston Hastings, Justin Smith, Caden Crowell, and Kevin Tran).

For the girls, Mackenzie Wombold is the only senior participating. Shelbie Jackson, Elise Crago, and Kaitlynn Lummer are the juniors who will be competing. The sophomores are Lexi Mortag, Shaylyn Evans, Caybree Ludvigson, and Lindsey Faldinski.  Finally, there are three freshmen in Emilie Crago, Lily Grismer, and Ava McKamey.

According to Coach Hardy, Kolton Lynn and Caden Crowell will lead the way in the boys’ throwing events.  She also believes that newcomers Justin Smith and Preston Hastings should contribute to pole vaulting and jumping, and Kaden Shelton, Max Hardt, and Riccardo Samoggia are going to try out their luck in a variety of events.

For the girls’ team, she thinks that Mackenzie Wombold will lead the team in throws, while Lexi Mortag is going to run her heart out in distance running. Shelbie Jackson and Elise Crago both qualified for state before, and Hardy expects them to make it again. Also, Caybree Ludvigson, Shaylynn Evans, and Kaitlyn Lummer

The Badgers began practice for track and field on Monday, March 11th. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating with the meet schedule.

The assistant coach for this year is Heather Lewis. Character building is an important part of track and field and all sports for that matter. According to the coaches, track “makes it impossible to have instant gratification.”

Cascade traveled to Havre today for its first meet of the season.

Good luck the rest of the way, Badgers!