Students Shine at the 2019 Regional Science Fair

Sydney Gutierrez, Staff Writer

“Self-belief and hard-work will always earn you success.” -Virat Kohli.

This is what the many students who attended regional science fair had to remember. They had to work hard in order to succeed so they could move on to the state science fair. They spent three months working on their projects and trying to make them as perfect as possible so they could impress the judges. Because of the students’ hard work, 11 projects have made it to state this year.

“This is the best we’ve done since I started teaching, so that was exciting,” said junior high science teacher Kelly Rumney.  “The students put in a lot of hard work, and it showed.”

She is excited to take the students to the state science fair because she believes it is exciting to watch them compete with other schools.

The students that did make it to state were surprised, but they believed that their hard work would earn them this position.

When asked how she believes she will do in state, eighth-grader Kodiann Lynn answered, “There are bigger and better projects out there with smarter people, so I’m not sure.  I’m probably not going to do terribly.”

The students are nervous to go to state, but they must remain confident and do well. There are many schools and many projects that they will have to compete with, but if their hard work is continued, they will do well.

“Regional Science Fair is always a surprise,” said Rumney, “but it’s nice that the judges appreciated the students’ projects as much as I did.”

6th Grade Awards

H2O No! Making it Clean Again by Jack Snyder – gold

Infiltration Situation by Madeline Schrengost – gold, third place Biological Science, Environmental Certificate of Merit.

Shelly Stains by Harley Bricker and Carsyn Otheim – gold, second place in Team Biological Science

Alfalfa? Why it Bloats Cows by Raygan Carroll and Hattie Orem – gold, first place Team Biological Science, Certificate of Merit for Animal Science

Are All Colors Created Equal by Tyler Land and Ian McKamey – gold, third place Team Biological Science

Same Coffee, Different Taste? by Audrey Rumney – gold

Water Cycles by Trennen Tait – silver, Citizens for Clean Energy Outstanding Participation Award

Self Control by Sophia Mortag and Zoey Rose – silver

Rainbow Grass by Sterling Byrnes and Izaak Munski – silver

Rust and Corrosion by Garrett Price and Bryclyn Lord – silver

Sticky Egg Shell by Hal McGregor – silver

Hard Wired vs. Battery by Cameron Isaak and Christian Aldrich – silver, second place Team Physical Science

7th Grade Awards

Light Tracking Bristol Bots by Brent Ethridge and Jeramiah Creveling – gold, second place Team Physical Science, Certificate of Merit for Computer Systems and Robotics

Plastique by Braedyn Johnson – gold

Goldfish vs. Human Respiration Rate by Kayla Satterwhite and Makaela Pribyl – silver.

DNA Dissection by Jasmyn Halvorson and Daniel Mahana – silver, Certificate of Achievement

Filtering Contaminants from River, Field, and Tap Water by Bridgit Mortag – silver, Citizens of Clean Energy Outstanding Participant award

8th Grade Awards

Organic vs. Nonorganic by Kodiann Lynn – gold, Certificate of Merit for Consumer Science

The Deadly Cleanup by Sydney Gutierrez and Harlie Jackson – gold, first place Team Biological Science,  Certificate of Merit for Biological Science

Weight Distribution by Hayden Isaak and Marshall Byrnes – gold, first place Team Physical Science

The Scoop on Cow Poop by Sallie Orem – silver, Citizens of Clean Energy Outstanding Award, Forest Service Snowshoe Hiking Trip

Temperature Effects on Erosion by Kaydence Waters – silver, Citizens for Clean Energy Outstanding Participant Award, Forest Service Snowshoe Hiking Trip

Earworms by Madison Cope and Elizabeth Langenderfer – silver.

How Does Termotherapy Affect Blueberries by Preslee Carroll and Kayleen McKamey – silver, third place Team Biological Science, Forest Service Snowshoe Hiking Trip

Are Artifical Flavors Dangerous? by Alaina Barger and Caitlin Hickam – silver

Liquid Sand by Brodie Ober and Carter Casavant – silver

Tooth Decay Is Not Okay by Carter Otheim and Frederick Day – silver

GMO vs. Non-GMO by Sara Gotlob – silver

9th Grade Awards

The Inheritance of Eye Color by Skye Smith – silver

Sodium Nitrate Affect on Plant Growth by Justin Smith – silver

Green Products Save the World by Preston Hastings – silver