Where Are They Now?

Former Cascade Principal Dave Malloy


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Trayden Tait, Staff Writer

“This is your legacy on Earth when you leave this Earth: how many hearts you touched.” -Patti Davis

Anyone who knows anything about educators knows that they don’t choose a career in that field for the money; they choose it because they want to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Mr. David E. Malloy was a principal in Cascade for many years, and during that time, he made several positive changes to the school and its students.  For starters, he resurrected our high school drama program, created the Virtual Academy for high school students, oversaw the filming of a movie at CHS, began the wind energy program, increased assemblies and inflatables for the elementary students, and revamped the teacher evaluation system.  Of all of these changes, however, Malloy holds one accomplishment above the others.

“I’m most proud of co-founding Badger Cubs Basketball with Mr. Tait,” said Malloy.

Photo courtesy of Dave Malloy
Former Cascade principal Dave Malloy (right) poses for a photo with his son, Anthony, and their dog, Sammie.

He focused on and made many positive changes in our school system for students and teachers alike. There is no arguing with the fact that he changed Cascade for the better.

Malloy started his teaching and administrative career in 1979 at Dupuyer, Montana. He worked there for six years as a teacher for grades five through eight. He then worked in Colstrip, Montana from 1985-1997. From there, he moved all the way to Winston, Oregon, where he worked as the junior high English teacher for three years, then the junior high assistant principal for two years, and finally, as the high school assistant principal from 2002-2005.

After his final year in Winston, he moved back to his home state of Montana, where he spent the next nine years here at Cascade Public Schools.

Malloy was an assistant principal here for two years, a high school principal for five years, and an elementary principal for two years. He also coached basketball here. In his career, Malloy coached many different basketball teams, including boys varsity here in Cascade. Overall, he coached basketball for 35 years in different states and schools.

Malloy devoted many years of service to the community of Cascade, and now it’s time to catch up with him to see what he’s up to these days.

After he retired in 2014, Malloy moved to Billings so he could be closer to his only son, 14-year-old Anthony, who is currently an eighth grader in Billings. Malloy serves as a substitute teacher and keeps himself busy with all of Anthony’s activities (usually hockey) on the weekends.  He is currently the junior high girls basketball coach at Elysian School in Billings. Malloy and his son share a very close bond, and they do lots of different things together.

“I miss the students and staff in Cascade,” said Malloy.  “I feel that I made a positive impact on Cascade Schools in many ways.”

Malloy dedicated himself to this school and community for nearly a decade, and many students and staff alike have fond memories of him.