Where Are They Now?

2016 Cascade graduate Merle Infanger


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Brenna Dezaiffe, Staff Writer

Nearly four years ago, Merle Infanger graduated from Cascade High School and was on his way to college.  A lot has changed since then.

Initially planning to attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, Infanger was offered a six-month internship at a technology firm.  Infanger left college in his rearview mirror and has moved on to much success in the tech world.

Infanger is now working in professional Information Technology, mostly as a Linux Systems Administrator and an IT Security Professional since 2016.  After his internship, he worked for AppliedTrust Engineering as an IT Consultant, during which time he performed IT Security Assessments for HIPAA, ISO, PCI, and SCADA compliant networks. I also worked and assisted in architecting the company’s platform for Social Engineering, which Infanger says is tech jargon for “scamming people out of their passwords.”  He also performed an email phishing campaign in which he compromised over 1,500 users in under an hour.

That experience led Infanger to open his own IT service company INFANGER CyberSolutions in early 2018, and for the majority of 2018, he was self-employed while providing assistance to small businesses.

“I assisted companies by providing low cost IT assessments to help otherwise unprotected businesses understand and secure their systems,” said Infanger.

As of right now, Infanger is working for an international IT firm providing systems support for financial management software.

Photo courtesy of Merle Infanger
2016 Cascade graduate Merle Infanger (left) poses with famous musical parody artist Weird Al Yankovic.

“I still operate my business,” said Infanger, “but it is primarily a security software sales platform as of now.”

Infanger’s parents are Rocky and Michele Infanger. His father is a Federal Park Ranger (BLM) and a Volunteer Fire Chief, and his mother is a self-employed bookkeeper who works with a number of non-profits.

While at Cascade High, Infanger participated in FFA and BPA, and he cites math teacher Chuck Mercer, FFA adviser and agriculture teacher Eric Tilleman as those who had the biggest impact on his life.

“Mr. Mercer constantly forced me not to take the easy way out was a huge factor in who I am now,” said Infanger.  “Getting into FFA and realizing I loved public speaking was the most positively impactful thing that happened to me in school.

“Growing up in Cascade helped provide me with the stepping stones I needed to develop a professional skill-set by the time I was an adult,” said Infanger.  “The number of teachers who would put in extra effort if you wanted to learn was amazing. Being able to develop skills with the support of my teachers and encouragement was something I will never forget.”

Infanger’s time at Cascade School continues to guide him to this day.

“When I’m dealing with a massively stressful issue or client emergency, my memories of my time in the school’s FFA program get me through,” said Infanger.  “Some of my best memories involve competing at various FFA competitions.

“BPA also brings back excellent memories, specifically my first year participating in the Network Design competition. Without Network Design making me realize that I not only enjoyed Information Technology but was skilled in it, I’d never be where I am now. Competing in this event, and learning massive amounts about technology as a whole, is one of the happiest learning experiences of my life.”

Everyone in Cascade wishes Infanger the best in all his future endeavors!