7-12 Badger of the Week: Ty Tweten


Ketochi photo by Kodiann Lynn

This week's 7-12 Badger of the Week is senior Ty Tweten.

Kodiann Lynn, Staff Writer

Senior Ty Tweten was born on November 26, 2000, in Tacoma, Washington.

Ty lives with his aunt and uncle, Lindsey and Joe Bloomquist. Ty’s favorite food is fettucini alfredo with the sauce on the side. He enjoys watching his favorite basketball team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Ty participates in Basketball, FFA, and he is on the Student Council as the treasurer. His favorite part about school is that the classes are easy, and he gets to go participate in basketball after school. Ty says that his favorite subject is science because “It is laid back, and you can learn cool things”.

After graduating this spring Ty plans on joining the Air Force to become a firefighter. After the Air Force, he does plan on attending college, but he just isn’t sure what for yet.

A fun fact about Ty is that he has had the same hair cut for 18 years.

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