January High School Student of the Month: Seth Gutierrez


Ketochi photo by Ashley Tait

Junior Seth Guiterrez is the High School Student of the Month for January.

Sydney Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Congratulations to Seth Gutierrez for being January’s High School Student of the Month!

Seth Gutierrez was born on April 5, 2002. He is currently a junior and is 16 years old. His parents are Tanya, who works as a cosmetologist, and Wayne, who works as a mechanic. He has a younger sister in eighth grade named Sydney, who is also a student at Cascade. Seth is a hard-working student with many different hobbies that he enjoys.

Seth is often seen reading adventurous books or sketching detailed pictures. One of his favorite after-school activities is playing video games with his friends online. He also enjoys watching action movies such as Deadpool and going with his friends’ homes to play airsoft or go skating on the weekends. Seth is also seen helping around the house by doing chores and helping his parents out with what they ask him to do. Not only does he do these things in his free time, but he also participates in some of the activities at Cascade

He is in BPA and National Honor Society. He always makes honor roll because of his good grades and hard work ethic. When asked what his favorite part about school was he answered, “I like furthering myself academically.” He works hard in class and tries his best to succeed. His favorite class in school is Independent Ag because he enjoys the creative aspects and being free to build what he wants to. His favorite teacher is Mr. Tilleman because, in his words, “He makes class interesting.” Seth is a hard worker and deserves to be Student of the Month.

“I nominated Seth because he is a very responsible student who always completes his work, does his best, and maintains a quiet, respectful demeanor at all times,” said Seth’s nominating teacher, Ashley Tait.  “He is always very active and engaged in the learning process and sets a good example for his peers.”

Congratulations, Seth!