Mazaira Takes 2019 Spelling Bee


Ketochi photo by Ashley Tait

Seventh-grader Sam Mazaira is the 2019 Cascade School Spelling Bee Champion.

Sydney Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Perhaps no competition is as nerve-wracking as a spelling bee.

On Monday, February 4 in the north gymnasium at Cascade School, seventh-grade student Sam Mazaira took first place in the 2019 spelling bee.

All of the kids who participated in the spelling bee were extremely nervous, including Mazaira; however, he was well prepared for the bee.

“I have been studying ever since the beginning of Christmas Break,” said Mazaira. He worked hard for this accomplishment and managed to earn what he worked for. He wanted to win the spelling bee, and when he put his mind to it he was given success. His hard work is what allowed him to win.

Mazaira’s older sister Zoe also participated in the spelling bee and managed to take second place. When asked if she was happy for her brother, she responded, “Yeah I’m happy for him, he deserved it.” Sam had support from all of his family members, and they truly believed he could win.

“I felt like crying with joy,” said Sam when asked how he felt about winning.

Zoe had almost won the bee, but after spelling a word incorrectly, the top three contestants, Sam, Zoe, and Jasmyn Halvorson, were brought back in to continue competing to find a winner. After going through a few rounds, Halvorson was eliminated.  The two Mazairas were the only contestants left, and while they were both nervous, they were proud of each other for making it that far.

After a few words, Zoe misspelled a word and was taken out of the competition. Sam then had to spell another word correctly in order to win the competition, and he did.

Congratulations to Sam Mazaira for his accomplishment in the 2019 school spelling bee!