Lady Badgers Can’t Stop Power or Simms


Ketochi photo by Ashley Tait

Great Falls Tribune Athlete of the Week Georgia Mortag looks for two against Power last Thursday.

Madison Cope, Staff Writer

The Cascade Lady Badgers faced the Power Lady Pirates in Cascade and the Simms Lady Tigers this past weekend but couldn’t win either important game.

On January 31, Cascade hosted Power and lost 47-43. The first quarter the Badgers didn’t quite have their heads in the game and lost 14-4. During the second quarter the Badgers got into the game and scored 16 points to put them at 20 points, but the Pirates were still in the lead by 22-20.

After half time the Badgers had found a way to stop the Pirates and get the crowd to cheer the loudest they had all game. After every point, the crowd stood up with cheers and excitement as the game got more intense every second. The Badgers had finally taken over the game and led at the end of the third quarter 35-30.

The fourth quarter of the game was even more intense than the third. As the Pirates tried to stop the Badgers, and the Badgers tried to stop the Pirates, the crowd got louder and louder after every hoop. The Badgers just couldn’t stop the Pirates as the game came to an end with a 47-43 Power victory.

The leading scorer was Kendra Anderson with 11 points. Jessey Barger and Mackenzie Wombold both contributed eight points.

“We had 30 turnovers, and no team should ever have that many turnovers,” said head coach Roger Hatler.  “We need to correct that now, so we can do better in other games and win.”

On the next night, the Lady Badgers traveled to Simms to face the Lady Tigers and lost 61-23. The Badgers just couldn’t stop the Tigers from scoring.

The first quarter did not end well for the Badgers, as Simms came out of the gate with a 21-7 lead.  The second quarter was low scoring for both teams, but Cascade managed only three.  The Tigers headed to the locker room with a 30-10 lead.

The Badgers worked hard and tried to stop the Tigers but just couldn’t get a handle on the game to take it back and win. Simms extended its lead to 46-17 by the end of the third and kept it rolling in the fourth for the final score of 61-23.

“They ran a half-court trap on us, and our girls didn’t handle it very well at all,” said Hatler.  “We just weren’t able to do anything to help ourselves out.”

We wish the Badgers luck when they play their final two regular-season games on February 8 and 9.  On Friday, Cascade travels to Augusta to take on the Elks, and the Badgers welcome Sunburst on Saturday for Senior Night.  Seniors Kendra Anderson, Mackenzie Wombold, and Georgia Mortag will play their final home game for Cascade.